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Damn Rolos. – Hey, you’re back. – Hey. How was your conference? It was terrible, I fought with.. …my colleagues, you know, the entire time. Are you kidding with this? Uh, so your weekend was a total bust? Uh, no, I got to see Donald Trump waiting for an elevator. – Hi. – Hey, you’re
Normally ask out women that are untied. What I would love to go out with you really great did. I did I actually ask you that’s, just where you’re going. I figured I’d. Help you out you don ‘ T seems like the kind of guy who does this alone. Yeah seriously got that you
Episode 01 – Getaway To Beer Hill. In the first episode of the series, the main cast of personalities Abe, Joan, and Gandhi are introduced to the audience. John F. Kennedy throws a party and also Abe is recruited to bring the beer. Funniest Moment: Watching Abe trying to excite Cleopatra throughout the episode. Episode
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