Friends Moments Joey takes Tag out!

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Hi Joey: what are you doing here? Uh? Well, I got an audition down the street and I spilled sauce all over the front of my shirt, get excellent yeah sure here: hey anything that’s, not Ralph, Lauren yeah! I don’t think so, Joe Howard.

I guess this isn’t funny. What are you, what are you doing tonight? Not that much? How would you feel about taking out my assistant tag? I’ll pay. I gotta say it’s. Gonna take a lot of money for me to go out on a date with a dude.

I’m, not asking you to go on a date with him really cuz. I could kind of use the money Joey just he’s new in town, and I know he doesn’t, have any guy friends just take him to like a ball game or something.

I really appreciate ya. Okay, hey doughnuts morning, hi Derek hey! So did you have fun with Joey? Last night? Oh yeah, we went to the next game. Oh, that’s. Nice. Then we went out to this bar and he hooked us up with all these women.

Women I mean like like old women kind of old like 30, oh, and I never used to be able to just talk to girls in bars, but I got like 20 phone numbers last night, so Joey must have really taught you some stuff huh little huh.

How are you doing see that’s? A great smile, easy natural! Now pretend I have a camera you changing it. I can’t help it. I’m all right right right! You don’t know what I do when I take resume shots to borrow money from me.

Okay, first of all, you want to make it look spontaneous right. Okay, so here’s, what I do look down, look down, keep looking down, then I look up Hey all right now you try to look down if you’re, looking down, keep looking down.

Why is it jelly on your shoe? I had a donor, hey hey, so I heard you had some fun with tag last night, yeah that guy’s, alright yeah and you had fun teaching him how to be all Joey. What you know all the women hey.

You can’t teach someone to be good with women. Oh, that’s. Why I’ve, never had any luck with Chan. I’m right here. All right would you mind just not going out with him again: okay, just the idea of you and he and all these women and it’s.

Just and I know he’s. My assistant, I can’t date. Him Lala, but I just bought me all right. No, no, no! You can’t. Take him away from me. I got a great partner to pick up girls with. Finally, I’m still right here.

All right will you at least talk to him and tell him how hollow and unsatisfying this dating tons of women thing is what I just don’t want him to meet anybody until I am over my crush and I will get over it.

It’s, it’s. Not like I love him. It’s, just physical, but you know I mean I get Krista’s like this. All the time I mean la had a crush on you. When I first met you hello, Monica talk, did you have a crush on me when you first met me sure, can you people not see me so? Will you talk to him? I don’t, know: Rach oh come on.

I’ll give you ten free, Ralph, Lauren shirts, one no Tim, you said ten, you can’t. Take that back, hey Joey! You want to talk to me. I don’t know you uh, you got something for me! Oh yeah, this is from Rachel Tim okay now tag there’s such a thing as too many women really yeah for you,

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