Friends Ross and Rachel’s Intense Poker Showdown

TBS Show

Boy, you really can’t stand to lose, can you? Your whole face is getting red. The little vein’s popping out your temple Plus, that shirt doesn’t really match those pants. First of all, I’m not losing Oh, you’re definitely losing.

Let’s not talk about losing– Hello. Rachel Green. Me-me-me. Excuse me. It’s about the job.. Barbara, hi. How are you? Uh-huh. No, I understand. Yeah, oh, well, come on, no, I’m fine.

Don’t be silly. Yeah, but, you know, if anything else opens up.. please- hello? Hello? Hmm. Sorry, Rach. Yeah, you know, there’s gonna be lots of other stuff. Yeah. Okay. Where were we? Oh.

Okay. Five-card draw. Uh…jacks or better. Nothing wild. Everybody ante. Look, Rach, we don’t have to do this. Yes, we do. – Alright, check. – Check. I’m in for 50 cents. – Call. – I’m in.

I see your 50 cents.. …and I raise you…$5. I thought it was a 50-cent limit. Well, I just lost a job and I’d like to raise the bet five bucks. Does anybody have a problem with that? Loser? No, I fold.

What do you mean you fo? Hey, come on, what is this? I thought that “once the cards are dealt, I’m not a nice guy” I mean what, were you just full of it? I’m in. How many you want? One.

The dealer takes two. – ‘What do you bet?’ – I bet $2. Okay, see your two… …and I raise you… …twenty. Wha.. I’ll see your 20… …raise you 25. See your 25.. …and, uh, Monica, get my purse.

Rachel, there’s nothing in it. Okay, then get me your purse. Okay…here you go. Good luck. Thank you. I saw your 25, and I raise you… …seven. -teen. Joey, I’m a little shy. That’s okay, Ross.

You can ask me. – What do you need? What do you need? – Fifteen. – Here’s ten. – Here, I got five. I got five. – Thank you. – Good luck. Okay, I am calling your seventeen What do you get? Full house.

You got me.

But, uh… Look how happy she is. you really can’t stand to lose hope face is getting red veins popping out of your temple Plus that shirt doesn’t really match those pants first of all I’m not losing excuse me about the job Barbara hi how are you uh-huh no I understand yeah oh no come on no I’m fine don’t be silly yeah oh yeah but you know if anything else opens up slick hello Oh sorry Rach you know there’s gonna be lots of other stuff yeah okay where were we oh okay five-card draw uh jacks are better nothing wild everybody ante look we don’t have to do this yes all right check sure I’m in for 50 cents call I’m in I see your 50 cents and I raise you $5 I thought it was a 50 cent limit well I just lost a job and I’d like to raise the bed five bucks does anybody have a problem [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] no I fault what do you mean is follow they come on this I thought that once the cards are dealt I’m not a nice guy I mean what were you just full of it hmm I mean how many one one killer takes two what do you bet about $2 okay see you too can I raise you 20 what I see you’re 20 where’s your 25 June 25 and Monica get my purse Rachel there’s nothing in it okay then get me your purse you baby here you go good luck thank you I saw your 25 and I raised you seven teams Oh II I’m a little shy that’s okay Ross you can ask me [Laughter] what do you need what do you need 15 yeah I got fine I got fun thank you good luck hmm okay I am calling you’re 17 what do you got [Music] Fox [Music] that’s all right that’s a tough hand to beat I thought we had down when you don’t have the cards around the cards you know but uh look how happy she is

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