Friends – Chandler going to Yemen and… light switch
English TV Series

I can’t. Believe I’m. Getting my nails done, and you said it was gonna be fun. She kind of is also. You said there were gonna be other guys here. There are no other guys here there’s, a guy right over there, that’s, a mailman that’s, our mailman don’t worry! This doesn’t, make you any less of a guy that does on.

I’d hate to think what this woman was scratching. When this broke off hey. You know who you said: nails like that done: yep, hey! What’s up switch thing has been driving me crazy, so I turned it off and checked every outlet.

Now, four of them don’t work, which means one of them has to be controlled by the switch, so I plugged in things, then all four outlets that make noise. That way, when I turn it on, I just follow the noise and find out which one it is.

I better stop this thing before you did. You know you, you also could have used lamps and then followed the light yeah. Well, I’m using noise all right, so everybody ready here. We go something here’s, something where is it coming from Joey, my god that’s, so freaky turn him.

Those back to England with the center-field – oh hey news – I think I might be raining just hold on a sec. I’m watching this rugby thing on ESPN I don’t. What the big deal is. I’m man enough to play this sport dude you’re, not even man enough to order the channel that carries this for me.

Janice, you know you really didn ‘ T have to help me pack, oh well, when you said all you were gonna be doing between now and the time you leave is packing. You really didn ‘ T. Leave me much choice.

Did you well, I thought I did, but I I guess I did not hey what’s going on. Oh, I’m packing. You know I’m packing cuz. I’m moving to Yemen tomorrow, thanks for telling me, but when we pretend moving to Yemen, okay, it’s.

The only way I can get rid of her and Yemen that actually sounds like a real country come on. I’m, going to show you how to roll up your underwear and stuff in your shoes. It’s, a real space saver yeah! No! I do that because it makes me look taller.

Okay, Joey tree lives with me, nope man. Look at this Ross, I can’t believe you said you play rugby. I mean look how brutal this is hey. I can handle it. Alright, please for us, you, you got hurt playing badminton with my dad that’s, cause your mom’s.

Dog too, look look right here. It’s called a scrum. Okay, it’s kind of like a huddle, and there’s, a hum kind of like a scrotal. Yes, they’re gonna kill you anyway. You should have seen the guy that she used to go out with I mean he’s like Joe rugby, you’re kidding any plays rugby anyway.

She thought the very idea of me playing rugby with him was like hilarious. So I’m gonna show her how tough? I really am. I’m. Sorry, I’m. Sorry, you’re right. You’re right. You are a tough guy! You’re.

The toughest paleontologist I know who else could take care of himself so like he’s, Chandler Thanks, but don ‘ T worry about me. Okay, I’ll. Just look real, energetic and stay away from the ball.

I’ll, be that guy right outside the circle. Well, maybe there is a dog looking at him.

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