Every Clone High Episode

English TV Series

Episode 01 – Getaway To Beer Hill.

In the first episode of the series, the main cast of personalities Abe, Joan, and Gandhi are introduced to the audience. John F. Kennedy throws a party and also Abe is recruited to bring the beer.
Funniest Moment: Watching Abe trying to excite Cleopatra throughout the episode.

Episode 02 – Election Blu-Gallo

JFK as well as Abe contest that will be the school president.
Funniest Moment: Marilyn Manson’s guest look.

Episode 03 – A.D.D.: The Last ‘D’ is for Disorder

Tom Green takes a look at assisting the teens to deal with A.D.D.
Funniest Moment: The kiss between Abe and also Gandhi

Episode 04 – Film Feast: Rips of a Clone

The trainees at Duplicate High have a student-made movie event
Funniest Moment: The small talk between Gandhi and George Washington Carver.

Episode 05 – Sleep of Faith: La Rue D’Awakening

The pupils are researching for the PSATs while Abe is attempting to go out with Cleo.
Craziest Minute: The fighting between Mr. Buttlertron as well as ScanGrade.

Episode 06 -Homecoming: A Shot in D’Arc

The principal of the school Scudworth has a wager with a rival principal that his team will certainly score at the very least 1 factor in the upcoming rivalry basketball video game.
Funniest Minute: Joan disclosing to the group she is a woman playing basketball.

Episode 07 – Aircraft Crazy: Entrance Expectations

Cleo is hired to appear on MTV’s springtime break tv program.
Funniest Minute: Scudworth fighting with animation like a skunk.

Episode 08 – Raising the Risks: A Rock Opera in Three Acts

The teenagers discover an extremely crucial lesson about the bad results of medicines.
Craziest Minute: Jack Black stars as the pusher and also attempting to market increasing to the duplicates.

Episode 09 – A Room of One’s Duplicate: The Pie of The Tornado

Joan loses her house in a storm as well as has to move in with her rival Cleo.
Funniest Minute: Robopouch interacting with Mr. Buttlertron.

Episode 10 – Clutter Kills: Literally

The clones lose a friend due to incorrect college problems.
Funniest Minute: Gandhi most likely to prison

Episode 11 – Snow Day: An extremely Unique Holiday Episode

A vacation known as Snowflake Day involves Duplicate High. Note, from this factor on none of these episodes were never released in the USA
Craziest Moment: Mandy Moore as an angel.

Episode 12 – Makeover, Remodeling, Transformation: The Transformation Episode

The duplicates are preparing for the senior prom.
Craziest Moment: The remodeling makeover returning tune throughout the episode.

Episode 13 – Adjustments: You got a Senior prom keeping that?

The last episode of Clone High has a surprising cliffhanger ending
Saddest Moment: The End

Duplicate High was an amazing program and also was wonderful to enjoy while it lasted. Ideally, this short article will stimulate everyone who read its interest in Clone High!

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