Friends! Joey Moments!

English TV Series

Normally ask out women that are untied. What I would love to go out with you really great did. I did I actually ask you that’s, just where you’re going. I figured I’d. Help you out you don ‘ T seems like the kind of guy who does this alone.

Yeah seriously got that you should see someone about that. Cold gets what’s worse, you could die. So basically, you ‘ Ve slept with all the women in New York, and now you’re just going around again that’s, not even the weird part.

I don’t. Think she remembered sleeping with me. Like you, don’t. Remember sleeping with her, but she should remember sleeping with me. I am very memorable. You guys know haha. How do we know we & # 39? Ve never slept with you, whose fault is that? Finally, you guys made it Cape who the hell down Billy guys.

Do this, that’s, weird! Thank you! Yeah! That’s like a woman wanting to be a what Oh, what’s, the end of that sentence. Yes, what is the end of that sentence? A penis, mom, okay, Joey. Anything she’s doing now.

For me, please just try to focus your sexual energy on someone else. Fine. Take me home where you going Joe yeah. I’m here for my eyebrow appointment, name: Chandler Bing! So do you uh? Do you get a lot of guys in here? Oh absolutely, oh good! Yeah! You’re looking to meet somebody all right.

Let’s. Just do this! Okay, uh well get to the wax in a minute. First, I want to tweeze some of the strays okay. This may sting just it, please. I have an extremely high threshold. Oh my, my just a bit of shock is all, but I’ll be fine.

You can go again. I’m. Okay, damn it woman all right, look, it hurts so bad. I could only let her do one eyebrow and now they don’t match yeah, hey they totally match they look great to look great. Are you doing oh yeah? I think it looks pretty good.

I was a little bit worried that I was uncovering a birthmark right about there, but it turned out to be a little piece of chocolate. Okay, Chandler! Thank you. So much, no problem, listen uh! That’s, a pretty girly hour we just spent.

We should. I would do some manly make up for it. Yeah, come! I I left ya geniuses. Look at look at them. They’re, really bonding. Oh yeah, they’re falling in love all over again O’Casey. Yes, okay, they look my head.

Oh, they figured it out. They’re coming this way. What was Mexico, uh hi? Thank you so much for whispering. For my benefit, uh, look. If you just tell me what I did wrong, I would love to work on it and come back and try it again for you and nn also how you doing Wow it’s like they’re on fire.

Congratulations, you did it! You did it Wow, you can relax now, yeah god, you’re beautiful. Why are we fighting this? You know you want it to happen as much as I do. I want you, hmm, I need you. Let me make love to you not want to stand in the way of true love or anything, but I think a cantaloupe might hurt less know about your party Joey, a party, the game overtake off your robe nicely.

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