Friends Season 8: Ross Gets Yelled At

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I love your place where’s, this guy friend, that’s, an 18th century Indian artifact from Calcutta, oh wow, so you’re more than just dinosaurs. So much more! Oh, my god! Oh my god! I’m, so sorry the guys from Pier one sorry do you think you can knock up my daughter and then not marry her? I’m gonna kill you.

This is actually not a great time for me. So come on. Explain yourself Geller: first, you got my Rachel pregnant. You got Rachel pregnant. Who did you dig? Yes? Yes, yes, I did, but, but it was, it was just a one-night thing.

It meant nothing! Oh really, that’s. What my daughter means to you. Nothing! No, no sir um. She means a lot to me. I mean I care. I love Rachel that’s all, but not that way I mean I’m. I’m, not in love with her.

I love her liking like a friend, oh really, that’s. How you treat a friend, you get her in trouble and then you refuse to marry her hey. I offered to marry her, but I didn’t want to well. Why not? So you can spend your time with this trim.

I’m. Sorry, dr. Greene, Mona Mona, dr. Greene. How could you have kept all of this from me? I was going to tell you, but but what you figured you’d, get what you wanted, then you dumped her like you did Rachel hey.

I did not dump Rachel, nor are we still together. Can i well we just let the Machine get that hey Ross, it’s. Joey there’s a hooker over here we thought. Maybe you know something about it? Oh no! No! No! I need to lie down so your dad dropped by he’s.

A pleasant man right there go over here. I don’t want to miss the fight Ross. I’m, so sorry, okay, I promise I will straighten this out with him tomorrow in person or via email. I don’t care about your dad.

I care about Mona. She was there and now she’s totally freaked out. Okay, I’ll fix it. What’s? Her email address Rachel. All right. I promise I ‘ Ll fix this. I swear I’ll. Talk to her okay, okay, thank you that’s.

It you call that a fight come on. We were on a break now we weren’t. What happened to you two! Thank you so much for coming back over oh good, you’re here yeah and I was worried that it was going to be uncomfortable, no Mona.

Just to hear me out. First of all, I’m, so sorry about my father yelling at you, but I heard that you totally held your own. You’re gonna, have to tell me how you did that focus. Uh yes Ross and I used to date and yes, we are gonna have a baby, but we are definitely not getting back together.

How can I be sure of that? Oh because we drove each other crazy, uh-huh uh-huh, I mean he was possessive. He was jealous. He could never just let the little things go, trying to date, this woman, what none of that compared to how kind and and gentle and thoughtful he is probably shouldn’t touch me Hey I just I don’t want to get In the middle of something so complicated, I get I get it, but Mona what relationship is not complicated? Well, we all have our baggage.

You must. Why else would you still be single? I’m, so gonna leave right now. Should I leave this open for you too, I’m, not sure, yet why didn’t. You just tell me about all this because what’s, going on with Rachel there’s, nothing to do with how I feel about you that way, you still should have told me.

I know and I was going to, but I thought it was better that you heard it from Rachel’s. Father look, I made a mistake, but it’s only because I really really like you really, okay. Yes, you can close the door now we’re gonna make.

First, you guys made up. He’s, a good kisser anything

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