Friends: Ross and Rachel’s Tense Dinner With Dr. Green

TBS Show

So, Dr. Green, how’s the old boat? They found rust. Do you know what rust does to a boat? Gives it a nice, antique look? Rust is boat cancer, Ross. Well, I’m sorry. When I was a kid, I lost a bike to that.

Excuse me, for a moment, will you please? I want to say goodnight to the levines before we go. – Okay. – Okay. Honey, stop. It’s not that bad. Yeah. Oh… Uh-oh. I think your dad must have added wrong.

He only tipped, like, four percent. Yeah. That’s the daddy. That’s daddy? What? Doesn’t it bother you? You’re a waitress. Yes. It bothers me, Ross but, you know, if he was a regular at the coffee house, I’d be serving him, sneezers.

– So? – So, Ross. I bugged him a million times. He’s not gonna change. Do you really serve people sneezers? [clears throat] Well, um, I don’t. Alright, kids, you ready? Thanks again, Dr. Green.

Wait, wait, wait. – I think I forgot my receipt. – Oh, you don’t need that. – Why not? – The carbon. It’s messy. I mean, get on your fingers and cause them. Uh, night blindness. What is this? Who put a 20 there? – Huh? – Oh, yeah, that would be me.

Um, I have…I have a problem. I, I tip way too much. Way, way too much. – It’s a sickness, really. – Yeah. It is. – ‘Cause we really have to do– – Excuse me. Do you think I’m cheap? – Oh, daddy, he didn’t mean.

– Huh? He really didn’t. Nothing I do means anything, really. This is nice. I pay $200 for dinner, you put down $20 and you come out looking like Mr. Big Shot. Do you really want to be Mr. Big Shot? – Oh.

. – Yeah, I’ll tell you what. You pay the whole bill, Mr. Big Shot, alright? Well, Mr. Big Shot is better than a wet head. so dr. green how’s the old boat they found rust you know what rust does to a boat gives it a nice antique II look rust is boat cancer Ross well I’m sorry when I was a kid I lost a bike to that excuse me for a moment will you please I want to say good night to the Levine’s okay oh I think your dad must have added wrong he only tipped like 4% yeah that’s daddy that’s daddy what doesn’t it bother you you’re a waitress yes it bothers me Ross but you know if he was a regular at the coffee house I’d be serving him sneezers so so Ross I bugged him about this a million times he’s not gonna change do really circles lasers well I don’t all right kids ready wait wait wait wait I think I forgot my receipt you don’t need that the carbon it’s messy I mean gets on your fingers and causes the the night blindness what is this you put a twenty-dollar oh yeah that would be me I have I have a problem like I tip way too much way way too much it’s a sickness really yeah it is it is we really really don’t excuse me you think I’m cheap really nothing I do means anything really this is nice I paid $200 for then are you put down 20 and you come out looking like mr.

bigshot you really want to be Mr. big oh yeah I’ll tell you what you pay the whole bill Mr. bigshot right well Mr. bigshot is better than went head


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