Friends Joey Thinks Monica’s Cheating

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Welcome home! Well, look at you! What do you think? Well, it’s, great! It’s just well. I’m wearing the same thing underneath just a second, oh no Joey can ‘ T know that I’m here. Why? Not? Because I didn’t know how to tell him that I couldn’t go to the Knicks game, so I just told him I had to stay in Tulsa, so you lied to him, but it’s, always better to Lie than to have the complicated discussion, except with you, what’s going on? Why are you dressed like that? Ah, because um well Chandler’s, gonna be home in a couple of days, so I thought I would just uh.

You know practice the art of seduction, hey. I thought I heard a man’s voice before no. I was just doing Chandler’s side of the conversation yeah like I. How do I look really sexy? Could I be any more turned on? Oh, why did why? Are there two glasses of wine out, because one of them is for you Cheers? Okay, okay, you know it’s.

Funny I’ve, been practicing the art of seduction myself. I want to keep practicing yeah Joey, hey Joe dude, come home. What what come home look? I I can’t what’s going on. I know how to tell you this, but uh.

I think Monica’s. Cheating on you, I told you, you, shouldn’t, marry someone so much hotter than you alright. Look. If you can’t come home and deal with this, then I’m gonna know. I just heard him hear him.

No, no all right! I’m going in no wait. I heard him again all right just stay there. I’m coming home. Okay, great I’ll, see you when you get here, I’m gonna wait out in the hall case. The dude comes up.

Is that really necessary? You’d? Do it for me not that you ever have to, because I know how to keep my women satisfied Chandler you have to tell Joey that you’re, not in Tulsa don’t. You think it’s better for him to think that you’re cheating on me than for him.

To think that I’m cheating on him. I heard it I don’t want him to think that I’m having an affair. All right, I’ve got a plan. I’ll, go down the fire escape yes, because all good plans start with. I’ll, go down the fire escape.

Hear me out woman. I’ll, go down the fire escape. Then I’ll. Wait for a while. Then, when I come up the stairs it’ll, be like I just got back from Tulsa, then Joe, and I will come in and see that there’s.

No guy in here aren’t. You afraid that Joey’s, gonna figure. All this out. I heard it just gonna wait for a little while scary pigeons back it’s, huge


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