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Television is a very rich and diverse media. There are hundreds of different kinds of shows, news, movies, series, quiz shows, sports events, educational shows being broadcast from thousands of television stations, local or nationwide, via satellite or cable, free or for a subscription fee. Certainly, live sports events like the World Cup final or the Super Bowl Finals tend to gather huge numbers of viewers, blotting out everything else that might be available on television at the same time. But what keeps the viewers tuning in, or keep subscribing, is something for which they are willing to sit through every commercial, lose precious sleepover, and talk about all day: their favorite TV series.

A captivating series is bound to have lots of fans and viewers, eagerly anticipating each episode, patiently waiting for the next season, browsing through forums for answers they can’t wait to get. A successful series is what every television channel strives for in its program since it’s bound to provide the channel or network with a steady stream of advertisement revenue because of a steady and devoted audience.

But what happens when you have to enter a subscription service after the pilot episode you saw and intrigued? What if your favorite series or show got sold to another channel where you have bad coverage or reception? What happens when viewing hours change and are either too early or too late to fit in your daily schedule? You’d have to get yourself a TiVo or a digital recorder device and that means more expenses. What if your favorite show got canceled but you still want to watch it one more time? Or what if you want to watch a specific episode that was so much good fun you could watch it over and over again a hundred times. What if we’re talking about a classic one from your childhood years, some television show that everyone remembers fondly but no television station would actually show again on a rerun?

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The answer is right here, and it’s only a few clicks away. Today, the way we are watching television keeps changing so fast that many people miss out on great opportunities to watch television just the way they like. Which is to say, to watch whatever they want, whenever they want to, as many times as they want to.

Now, you can watch full TV episodes from almost any television series that has aired for a considerable time in any well-known television station from many different countries. A vast archive of television episodes can be searched, providing viewers with the choice of many classics as well as episodes from series and shows still airing, so you can still watch the episode you lost the day before. So while you’re searching for some free TV channels to browse through, remember that you can watch any episode from your favorite TV series, since you can now watch TV online.

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