Friends: Trivia Game

TBS Show

Okay, each team will answer ten questions. The first team to answer the most questions wins: the categories are fears and pet peeves ancient history, literature and it’s all relative. Now the coin toss to see who goes first, okay, somebody call it this time.

Tails, its head gentlemen, pick your category fears and pet peeves. What is Monica’s biggest pet peeve animals dressed as humans, that’s correct ladies same category. According to Chandler, what phenomenon scares the bejesus out of him? Michael Flatley, lord of the dance that is correct, the Irish jig guy his legs flail about as if independent from his bone.

Gentlemen, your pick it’s, all relative Monica and I had a grandmother who died. You both went to her funeral name that grandmother Nana. She has a real name Althea. I’ll. Tell you, what are you doing? I took a shot.

You’re, shooting the Delphian I’ll see you is correct. Nice shooting we’ll, take literature. Every week the TV Guide comes to Chandler and Joey’s apartment. What name appears on the address label? Oh, I’m afraid the TV guide comes to chanandler bah.

I knew that Rachel use your head. Actually it’s, miss chanandler bah

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