Of Course, Netflix Is Kicking Off Its Top 10 List This Year With An Underrated Liam Neeson Movie


Netflix has actually ended up being kind of a charmed place for a lot of semi-forgotten motion pictures. This week, in fact, an underrated Liam Neeson flick has actually made its mark on Netflix’s Leading 10 checklist. The move follows some other flicks from the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Kevin James, have actually likewise seen the same fate.

Liam Neeson may honestly be the king of the underrated flick. He had major success with Taken back in 2008– a movie he really anticipated to flop– which released him as a qualified action celebrity, as well as he’s been churning out new action material in the decade plus given that. One of those flicks just so takes place to be Unidentified, the 2011 action-thriller that stars Neeson as a man that is handling an instance of mistaken identification adhering to a mishap that led him to a head injury.

That may not seem like the plot of an activity movie, however without giving anything away, I assure you it is, in fact, a movie that allowed’s Liam Neeson do what Liam Neeson does best. Evidently, I’m not the just one who thinks so either, as Unknown has actually been absolutely dominating on Netflix today. On Monday it was in the # 3 port following real Netflix originals Cobra Kai Season 3 and the newcomer period drama Bridgerton. Today it’s slipped into 4th complying with The Chilling Journeys of Sabrina– also a TELEVISION series– moving up a notch.

While Netflix creates or buys unique accessibility to some of its own initial flicks, one trend that has actually ended up being increasingly more common on the registration streaming service, especially throughout 2020, is seeing underrated (and sometimes underwhelming or attempt I say unidentified) flicks standing out right into the Leading 10 checklist.

Several of these flicks have better reviews than others, and also in Unidentified’s instance that flick actually only landed a 55% rating on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of its launch. Yet while not the best movie or even the very best Liam Neeson motion picture I’ve ever before seen, it has a strong spin and is involving through its whole runtime. IMDB customers have actually been kinder on the movie also, with Unknown catching a 6.8 rating there.

On the other hand, we’ve seen Kevin James’ Zookeeper likewise make this impressive expedition onto Netflix’s Leading 10 listing earlier in 2020. And also over the 4th of July holiday, Mark Wahlberg Patriots Day absolutely controlled on Netflix, in spite of flopping at the box workplace. So, while Netflix may not have a lots of substantial big spending plan movies from various other studios at its disposal, it is going far for discovering some forgotten treasures and guilty satisfaction.

Unfortunately, if all this talk about Unidentified has put you on a Liam Neeson kick, there’s a scarcity of other Neeson web content on Netflix. Nonetheless, you can view both seasons of the collection version of Taken and binge them to your heart’s material. Or just see what else is coming to the streamer in January. You can thank me later on.

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