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Gotten on my radar for greater than a years. Jus completed viewing all the 96 episodes in thirty days on Amazon.com Prime. It ain’t a record however the dependency with the personality Dexter made it feasible for me n the other variable is the lockdown. The character Dexter is a beautiful manipulator wher he acts as necessary to the circumstance. A true psychotic. This series will certainly make u ask q whether the personality is truly living a dual life of that of a serial killer n that of a family man working for the Miami homicide division as a forensic professional. Although some of the scenes r much brought, the collection is very interesting n captivating n that is only cos of the personality Dexter played effectively by Michael C Hall. Many followers were distressed at the finale episode but i assume the verdict is fair. The finale remained with me for days. It is surrealistic n emotional. It might haunt fans of Dexter Morgan. The spiritual guitar songs, the double life of Dexter, the dark humor, the sociability between the siblings n the talking of Dexter with his dead dad is incredibly done. The dark humor is funny. Ther were times that throughout murder scenes i was chuckling n my better half was kinda wtf. E.g. A serial killer referred to as Tooth Fairy identifies Dexter a sick mom * ucker. Additionally when Dexter commends the very same awesome regarding his act near a police’s/ attorney’s house n the reply of the awesome is humorous. The finale episode of the fourth season came as a shock. Cudnt believe my eyes. Thot mayb it is jus a dream. Have A Look At Christina Cox as the villainous police, one helluva warm infant.

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