#91 Dark

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‘Dim’ is set in a German town where the vanishing of two little youngsters uncovered the twofold lives and broken connections between four families. While the families look for the youngsters, they help each other to look for answers and incidentally, the secret is connected to different privileged insights inside the town.


The time circle that caused all the hopelessness must be crushed and the best way to do that is to forestall Tannhaus from building his time machine. Tannhaus just did this since his child, girl in-law and granddaughter Charlotte kicked the bucket in an auto collision.


Claudia discloses this to Adam so he can manage Jonas and Martha to the first world to forestall that mishap. In any case, in the event that she succeeds, it implies that she (and numerous others) don’t exist at all since they never existed in the first world. All things considered, Jonas and Martha pick the ‘right’ arrangement. They forestall the fender bender.

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