Will Smith & Gary Barlow Hilariously React To Their Dolls | The Graham Norton Show

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had a huge movie like that. Obviously, uh creates action figures. Yes, oh well, now, some of them. Yes, now some of them aren’t that great, i doubt even jeff, goldblum’s. Mother would recognize him.

now bill pullman has a passing resemblance yeah, but after they saved their best work yeah, they say their best work. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s. Will smith at all, ! You’re, not the only one action figure, mr barlow, oh.

He’s, dancing, oh yeah, all right now that’s, funny that was fun. Okay, it’s. Not that funny. You know. No one wants this on the back of their toy, not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts, hey, listen, let me say one thing when we got those dolls.

The first thing we all did was pull the pants out and there’s there’s, no small part at all. Do you mind telling the story the story about you going to check out your doll? Oh that? Well, that was in the days when we had no control at all over what was going on.

So we didn’t, get the prototypes or anything we were just told. The dolls are being released on monday and so um by friday. I couldn’t, wait any longer, and so i put a cap on glasses and i went off to toys r us in chester and i slid in the shop and i was cooking down the aisles cindy action man and then i come across to Take that dolls.

I thought this is it mark howard, robbie, jason,. I must have sold out so i went on to the till i really tilted my cap down and i said to the girl. Excuse me: uh, we ‘ Ve got the gary dole, take that gary one and she went uh.

No, no. No, we don’t have them. You’ve got to buy mark robbie, howard jason collect the coupon, send them off and you get gary for free. That’s; cool that’s; very cool blue on the phone to that’s management tom.

Have you ever been made into a doll of any kind um, nothing that i can speak about? Okay, all right tom! I think my sister has one of those you

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