Kevin Hart HATES Dwayne Johnson’s Smoulder | The Graham Norton Show
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Rock your character’s. Name is a doctor smolder brave stone? Yes, so all the guards have strengths. So one of your strengths is the smolder, an actual smolder. Yes, this takes over and I have no control of did you know you could smolder? Like? Did you kind of think yeah I wouldn’t.

Do when you read it, you got ta, go oh yeah! I’ll. Do my smolder, you know I took you know it. Didn’t come yet. Okay. Okay, literally, is where it came from that what you’re saying – and this is why he looked at me – cuz it’s, so frustrating just go ahead.

Tell the tell the story about you. It’s, one of those things that you know as we’re, developing the script and thinking well, what could be a fun thing well would have a fun thing, one of the fun things was.

He has this ability to smolder and it just takes over him. He has no control of it and, and it’s just one of those things. Graham, that day ain’t, God delivered I signed for it. Everyone likes it and everyone loves it except one individual.

Okay, now we are, we are very close. We were very close as friends, and you know in this position. He’s, a producer on the film, so sometimes I just bit my tongue. So this idea came up from a producer like mentality.

Oh, you know what it’d, be great for this character. If he’s smoldered not like you know, he did a thing. He’s, warning back. He’s, like my mom used to do it to me when I was everything back to Hawaii, that’s.

How you did it great, forgive me, see you smolder. We saw I’d, be happy to breaks it back. can we have a little music, maybe something that’s, a little ominous may? Okay! Here we are Wow.

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