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hey hey! What have you guys been up to? Oh, we went to a self-defense class today, yeah kicking a guy in the crotch all morning, really takes it out of you takes it out of you. No now we can kick anybody’s ass after one class I don’t think so what you want to see me self, defend myself, go over there and pretend you’re a sexual predator, go on.

Of course, you could defend yourself from an attack. You know is coming that’s. Not enough. Look I studied karate for a long and there’s, a concept. You should really be familiar with it’s. What the Japanese call unagi isn’t that a kind of sushi, no it’s, a concept yeah it is it.

Is it’s freshwater eel, but maybe it means that oh, I would kill for a salmon skin roll right. Now, don’t fun get attacked. I don’t even care come on Ross. We’re. Sorry, please tell us what it is. Nagi is a state of total awareness.

Okay, only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you. You mean in case someone’s, trying to steal your bamboo sleeping mat or your kettle of fish. All I’m saying: is it’s, one thing being prepared for an attack against like each other whole nother story being prepared for an attack? I don’t.

Let me surprise. Alright, you knew that was coming, but that doesn’t mean you have unagi. Oh you know what. If we made reservations, we can have unagi in about a half hour. What the hell was that a lesson in the importance of unagi you’re, a freak.

Perhaps now I’m curious at what point during those girlish screams. Would you have begun to kick my ass all right, so we weren’t prepared, I’m. Sorry. I had to take such drastic measures to make my point, but I look.

I just want you guys to be safe Ah salmon skin roll Sajak yeah, now let’s, go back, oh of course, Chuck Woolery. Definitely Phoebe! You will not find a single game show host whose ass I cannot kick something you aren’t, something you have say it.

No! I’m gonna usually get out of this, but there’s a chance. You could get very, very heart: Nowhere to run I don’t like sitting up here, but Rachel they got here. First, Why is what I’m? Doing man? Oh my god, why is he jumping on those women? We should help them.

I don’t think they need any help.

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