Friends – Rachel & Elizabeth’s Dad Paul, Kiss, Ross
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Oh hi hi hi. I left my keys here somewhere. Oh let’s. Look for usually under here! Oh no, oh here they are right here. Oh good! Thanks for help! Yeah wait! I’m. Sorry, mr. Paul mr. Paul just call me Paul Paul um.

I just wanted you to know that you know Ross really is a great guy. Well, maybe you could date him, then that would save me the trouble of killing him. Are you? Okay, you just don’t, look old enough to have a 20 year old daughter.

Well, we were very young when we had her. Oh we uh yeah. It usually takes two people to know. Yes, I know that I did what I meant. You know you’re. Still we or are you just you? I’m. Just me uh, my wife died shortly after Lizzy was born.

Oh so you raised her all on your own. Yes, I did Oh Joey hi Ross. I was just getting him to like you, Joey Joey Joey is not here. Okay, I’ll. Just wait for him in here Ross. It’s. Okay, you can come out yeah Ross.

It’s. Okay, it’s me mr. Stevens. Oh I didn’t, know my gosh and tree did you came in you got all awkward. You ran to the bedroom. You were shouting Joey, Joey hi hi. What what what the houndour? How did what the hell did? What? Well you know he lost his keys, so he was looking for them in your mouth no downstairs and we got to talking.

You know for like two hours and I really liked him. So I invited him up here for a cup of coffee. You were at the coffee house Ross. What’s, the big deal, so I kissed the guy. He is my girlfriend’s, father, okay, it’s.

It’s, it’s, weird what you dated my sister, what that was different. What why this is weird for me, Ross, look! Look! This is good for you, okay! Let’s face it so far, the guys not loving yet, but I can turn that around I got the inside track.

We could all go out to dinner. You know, and I can talk you up plus. The guy is a very, very successful lawyer. How is that important? Oh it’s, important

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