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But take it is one of those clubs were one speech becomes legendary and even on the poster they use the speech. You know the one you’re on the phone. Oh, yes, no! I don’t know who you are and that do you get loads fans from asking you to say that occasionally I do my eldest boys, a boarding-school.

He’d, sometimes call I was it dad. Oh, could you leave a message on the Charlie’s voicemail, and do you well yeah? I do we do, but I can never remember the words. Well, listen. We’ve got very special lady in the audience, and now her name is Joe with Joe.

Oh, there’s Joe now you don’t, know Joe. I don’t. Think he doesn’t know no, no, but she claims to be, good game, good game. Excuse me. Your first fan oh yeah. Now, why do you think you’re? His first fan, I saw Liam acting in a miniseries about nearly 30 years ago, and I wrote you a fan letter and he sent me back a sign photo and a letter saying it was your first ever fan letter on I’ve got you Thanks for your charming letter, stop you there well listen! Weirdly, because it’s like channeling your son, Joe contactors.

They’re, saying she. She would like you to do something for her now. So basically she wants. Would you leave an answerphone greeting on her phone? Would you do you mind? Okay torchy. She sent us in your number, so I call your phone’s off right, okay, fine, yeah, okay, so other ways that’ll be annoying and stupid.

Seven, a lot of people will call up to hear this. Okay, please leave a message. Please enter your PIN, followed by the hash to your Theo, greetings and mailbox settings menu. To listen to your messages.

I wanted Peter. You were the Oh greetings: menu little New York. Please record your personal greeting end recording cheesy, so you press zero, zero, zero. As that one, I start yeah. I don’t know who you are, but my daughter go now.

I will find you I will kill you. Please leave a message, let’s, just call it back. We see your message after the tone till we record your message: hi it’s. Alan Davis, here, if you’ve got my daughter.

She’s. You can keep her away from her. She’s, a nightmare and she ‘ S also got chickenpox good luck,

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